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Dead Good was established in 2012 by games industry veteran Stu Taylor, whose combined games media and agency / in-house PR experience were the foundations of the agency’s "no-nonsense" approach.

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Ditching marketing buzzwords in favour of straight talking, the Dead Good team (led by Co-Directors Stu Taylor and Carly Moxey) values establishing a true collaborative relationship, rather than just being treated as an admin extension to your comms department.

We were the first games PR agency in the UK to establish a dedicated in-house team for organic influencer and content creator outreach. Today, Dead Good continues to set the tone and industry best practices within this ever evolving landscape.

To strengthen our reach in North America, C'est Mortel Media Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Dead Good) opened its doors in Montréal, Canada, during Summer 2020. This allowed the team to expand and offer local support for launches, events, etc.

For those who cannot afford a full-service PR agency, why not consider our bespoke game key distribution service: GameTomb.gg? The platform has over 5,000 media and content creators signed up and browsing our digital storefront daily.

Want to create a bespoke comic book based on your IP? Dead Good Comics can help produce your project from concept, full production (sourcing writers and artists, pre-press and printing) to distribution (retail or a promotional item for shows).

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Our Clients

Video Game PR for Gamers... By Gamers

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. And you can tell a lot about Dead Good by the clients who choose to collaborate with us year on year...

Dead Good Media has been accompanying us through most of the production of The Outlast Trials. They’ve been a great partner and a big help, whether it was for brainstorming ideas or executing them.

Philippe Morin, Co-Founder @ Red Barrels

Philippe Morin

For nearly a decade, Dead Good Media has been our trusted partner. They are simply awesome, delivering great results and getting people excited for our games. What more could we ask for?

Florian Emmerich, Head of PR @ THQ Nordic

Florian Emmerich

In a space where discoverability is often about numbers, Dead Good has been so essential in helping us amplify ourselves and others. They took an opportunity to showcase not one or two, but 12 black women having fun and for BAFTA!

Cassie Huges (GeekyCassie), Managing Director @ Nox Lumina

Cassie Huges (GeekyCassie)

Dead Good has been a pleasure to work with, they know their stuff both on a PR and influencer level and come with loads of great ideas. There is a passion for games and that shows in enthusiasm and execution on all levels.

Jeroen Janssen, CEO @ Happy Volcano

Jeroen Janssen

We’ve worked with the Dead Good team on multiple campaigns over the years at SEGA and they always deliver top tier influencer support for our product launches and events. The Dead Good team help us build stronger connections with our community.

Nataly Kyriacou, Influencer Marketing @ SEGA

Nataly Kyriacou

Dead Good has been involved in various projects, from product strategy, corporate PR outreach, or even event planning / staffing. They have been instrumental in pushing the word out there about our games and our company… and always doing it with a smile.

Linda Duchaussoy, Communications Director @ Eidos

Linda Duchaussoy

Certainly one of the most adaptative, professional and supportive agencies I’ve worked with. We strongly appreciate its organisation, strategic support, creative ideas and proactivity they offer on each of our games.

Marjorie Roy, Lead PR @ Nacon

Marjorie Roy

Dead Good was able to help scope, secure, and host a killer launch event for Session: Skate Sim at Substance skatepark in Brooklyn NY, where pros and locals were invited to hang out, skate, and celebrate the full launch of our title.

Jeffrey Spicer, Game Producer @ creā-ture Studios

Jeffrey Spicer

Dead Good is a great partner that you can rely on in both media and influencers relations. Huge experience in the industry makes them a right choice either for an indie game or a big title.

Nikita Putilin, Director of Public Relations @ Owlcat Games

Nikita Putilin

Dead Good has consistently and continually proven themselves to be at the top of the PR game. By working closely with us they have managed to execute media outreach in a way that wouldn't have been possible without their expertise.

Steve Zimmermann, VP – Marketing @ E-Line Media

Steve Zimmermann

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