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Following collaborations on the console release for Divinity: Original Sin 2, Dead Good worked with Larian Studios on the EU announcement and Early Access campaign for Baldur's Gate 3.

First Look

Dead Good was brought on to advise on the announcement campaign and PR strategy ahead of the Baldur's Gate 3 reveal in 2019. Tone setting placements for the CGI trailer as well as interviews were placed once the embargo lifted. This was followed by inviting and arranging travel for EU media to the first look press event in Paris in early-2020, as well as media opportunities during PAX East. On the road to the Early Access launch, Dead Good continued to pitch interviews and features, securing consistent international coverage with the likes of IGN, GameSpot, Fextralife, Wired and Eurogamer, as well as cover magazine feature placements on PC Gamer (two covers), Wireframe and PC Gameplay.

Early Access

We aligned closely with Larian on an influencer strategy for the Early Access launch, with our key-metric being relevancy over reach. We then targeted creators with an authentic interest in RPGs and DnD, as well as tastemakers/curators who would inspire smaller channels to play. Dead Good's Early Access launch outreach successfully generated substantial day-one buzz thanks to livestreams on Twitch that lead to widespread requests, countless gameplay videos on YouTube, and over 10 million unique views in the first 72 hours on video content alone.

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Campaign Highlights

Dead Good Results

Building media relationships for a multi-year campaign and securing tone-setting Early Access influencer coverage.

magazine cover features
EA influencer day 1 hits
hrs watched at EA launch

Client Feedback

Nikita Putilin

Nikita Putilin
Director of Public Relations @ Owlcat Games

Dead Good is a great partner that you can rely on in both media and influencers relations. Huge experience in the industry makes them a right choice either for an indie game or a big title.

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