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BAFTA Games Awards

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BAFTA Games Awards

Dead Good was brought on at the top of 2022 to assist in the global PR outreach for the BAFTA Games Awards, as well as provide "boots on the ground" red carpet and press room support for the ceremony itself in London.

The Brief

A key requirement was not just to build on the coverage from previous years, but also to increase interactions with BAFTA’s games content on social media, generate news and features that would bring new, diverse audiences to the awards, and identify opportunities for stories and narratives from within the nominations.

The Key Beats

There were four key beats during the relatively short campaign: Nominations, BT UK Games Challenge, Winners' Announcements, and Post-Awards interviews and features. To facilitate BAFTA connecting with new audiences, Dead Good managed the charity's first ever nomination livestream event, from suggesting talent through to backend production of the show. The show garnered more views in the first 24 hours than the entirety of the 2020 BAFTAs and all post-show content combined on all platforms (Twitch and YouTube), with BAFTA repeating the activity the following year.

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Campaign Highlights

Dead Good Results

Coverage was achieved on a global scale, with stories appearing on BBC News at Six, Variety, Eurogamer, IGN, Metro, Radio Times, BBC Radio 1 and Forbes.

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nominations livestream views
nominations media hits

Client Feedback

Cassie Huges (GeekyCassie)

Cassie Huges (GeekyCassie)
Managing Director @ Nox Lumina

In a space where discoverability is often about numbers, Dead Good has been so essential in helping us amplify ourselves and others. They took an opportunity to showcase not one or two, but 12 black women having fun and for BAFTA!

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