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Cavern of Dreams

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Cavern of Dreams from Super Rare Games

Embark on a magical quest as Fynn the dragon to rescue your unhatched siblings in this N64 style 3D platformer from developer Bynine Studio and new digital indie publisher Super Rare Originals (part of Super Rare Games).

From PC...

Dead Good was brought onboard by Super Rare Games for last minute global support on media and content creator outreach for the PC launch of Cavern of Dreams. In spite of launching in one of the busiest Winter periods in recent years, the team were able to land reviews, interviews and competitions with the likes of GamesRadar+, PCGamesN and The Escapist. On the influencer side, Dead Good was able to turn around organic coverage with YouTube and Twitch placements including BatAtVideoGames, Alpha Beta Gamer and Zhain Gaming. Switch!

Following the PC launch, Dead Good became Super Rare's retained PR agency, working across its Super Rare Originals digital indie game portfolio, including the Nintendo Switch launch of Cavern of Dreams the following Q1. Our focus was on international Nintendo media, leveraging the positive sentiment from the PC release and tapping into the nostalgia vibe from a bygone era of gaming. On the influencer side, we supported our organic outreach by managing a modest launch day paid campaign, seeing placements with creators like Shirahiko, FireDragon and Best Indie Games.

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