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IGN preview of The Outlast Trials

A brand new take on the acclaimed Outlast survival horror series, The Outlast Trials is set in the same terrifying universe as the previous titles, only this time you can choose to play on your own or with friends in a team of up to four people.

The Brief

Dead Good has collaborated with Montréal developer Red Barrels on all aspects of the global comms campaign for The Outlast Trials. From initial announcement through to the first Closed Beta hands-on, Dead Good regularly secured tone-setting coverage from key media and content creators on the studio's eagerly-anticipated co-op survival horror experience. This included premiere trailer placements in tentpole industry live shows like gamescom's Opening Night Live and Future Publishing's PC Gaming Show.

The Challenge

The key challenges were to secure coverage during a busy release period, as well as communicate to media and influencers that this was a co-op game experience, as the Outlast franchise had traditionally been single-player only.

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Campaign Highlights

Dead Good Results

Amongst the influencer coverage secured by Dead Good during the first 72 hours were Kai Cenat, xQc and AuronPlays - 3 of the top 5 streamers. Plus, we organised the biggest collaboration in Black content creation gaming history, and placed tone setting previews and hands on features with the likes of IGN, Eurogamer, PC Gamer and EDGE.

influencer hits in 72 hours
views in first 48 hours

Client Feedback

Philippe Morin

Philippe Morin
Co-Founder @ Red Barrels

Dead Good Media has been accompanying us through most of the production of The Outlast Trials. They’ve been a great partner and a big help, whether it was for brainstorming ideas or executing them.

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